AEG HK634060XB Electric Ceramic Hob – Black, Black

Top features:- Cooking control- Stop & go- Safety features Cooking controlMaximise cooking options, work with precision control and keep things safe with the AEG HK634060XB Electric Ceramic Hob in black.Four hob elements provide sufficient cooking space for your pots and pans, and an extendable zone and oval multipurpose zone mean you can make use of the space for larger pots and pans.Front-facing touch controls give you a responsive and precise cooking performance so you can work with total heat control.An intelligent AutoMax function provides automatic zone control; this function brings the pan up to the boil before reducing it to a pre-selected heat setting.Stop & goA Stop+Go function gives you greater flexibility when cooking - if you ever need to leave the cooking area then you can activate the Stop+Go function and the hob will switch all active heat zones to a 'keep warm' setting. Once you're back, just select the function again and continue the cooking.The minute minder means you can set the timer to remind you when the cooking time is up.Safety featuresResidual heat indicators will visually alert you when the hob surface is still too hot. A child safety lock prevents the hob from being turned on accidentally, maximising kitchen safety.An auto safety switch off feature will automatically cut the hob power if the hob is left to heat for a set period of time.Versatile, good looking and safe, the AEG HK634060XB Electric Ceramic Hob gives you the control and features you need.___________________________________________ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product requires professional installation to a dedicated cooker circuit (identified by a big red cooker switch) by a qualified installer, such as one of our Team Knowhow experts.

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